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issue on NOIDA

Thursday, January 4, 2007 (Noida):
Uttar Pradesh PWD Minister Shiv Pal Yadav has indicated police negligence in the multiple murders of women and children by serial killers in Noida. A central inquiry team reached Noida on Thursday to carry out a probe. Reports say the two killers arrested last Friday were picked up and let off by police sometime in early 2006. The interrogation came after residents of Nithari village told police of their suspicious behaviour. The top police officer in the area during the time was Piyush Mordia. He is one of six policemen suspended on Wednesday for dereliction of duty. In August, the killers were listed in an FIR registered on the orders of a local court after their last known victim Payal disappeared. But since then police did nothing in the case, reports say. "Negligent officers have already been punished, other will also be punished soon," Yadav said in Noida on Thursday."The matter is already exposed, a CBI probe will only delay the results. We are not against a CBI probe."Such incidents happen in every state, but in this case we were able to expose it," said Yadav who is the brother of Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav.In a surprise move police at Noida's Sector 20 station displayed posters containing pictures of children missing in the area in the past 18 months. The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled out a CBI probe saying the National Human Rights Commission and the National Commission for Women are already examining the case.Narco-analysis testsThe killers Moninder Singh and his domestic servant Surinder Kohli will be put through a series of psychological tests at a forensic lab in Ahmedabad on Friday. The confessions under hypnosis are not admissible in court but police expect it will provide fresh clues about the crimes they committed. "For the psychological tests, the reliability and validity are very important and that is why it can take some time," Dr VH Patel, Assistant Director of the lab in Gandhinagar said. The lab was involved in tests on a serial killer, which helped resolved the murder of eight people in Ujjain in the past."It takes about a weeks time after the accused is examined. We record the EEG and other aspects and later carry out computer analysis of the same," Namrata Khopkar, the project officer at the lab explains. The lab also handled the Telgi case, Anara Gupta CD case and the brain mapping of ghutka barons JM Joshi and Dhariwal.