USB Fridge - A new gadget just for you!

Are you fond of having drinks in front of your PC? May it be a coffee or a soda. And what if you want it cold for always? Or your coffee still hot when you want to sip some of it? The answer is this USB Fridge from DreamCheeky.

If you want to keep your can of Coke chilled for a longer period while you drink it slowly at your desk, get this nifty USB-powered portable fridge from DreamCheeky.
It holds only one can and once you hook it up to a USB port, the device will take about five minutes to cool down to 8°C.
Plus, the fridge will not only cool down your drink but it can also heat up your coffee with a flick of a switch.
Take a look on the picture! It’s not your regular ref or your water heater, so only small cups fill suffice for your needs.
In addition to this, inside the USB fridge you’ll find a single blue LED to light up the interior. The retro looking fridge is ­available in red and black.