How to Unlock iPhone in India

This is method is for 1.1.1 firmware only.
Click Here for other firmwares.

I have been getting quite a few mails on how to unlock iPhone in India. I would say its the same procedure mentioned in unlock.iphone.no. Let me put the steps here again and add points that I went through while I was unlocking my iPhone in Bangalore using an Airtel sim card.

Warning! Firmware version 1.1.2 is now released. If you bought a phone that had 1.1.2 preinstalled (it shows a picture of a cable and the iTunes icon), it is not possible to unlock it. If you did not have this firmware when you bought the phone, i do not recomment to update to this version yet. It’s very important that you don’t let iTunes restore to 1.1.2 as well, so always select firmware manually by holding Shift/Option key while clicking Restore. Details about restoring/upgrading here.

This tutorial assumes that your iPhone has firmware version 1.1.1. If you are unsure, here is how to check: On the emergency dial screen dial *3001#12345#* and tap Versions. Firware version should be 04.01.13_G. If it’s 03.14.08_G you have v1.0.2 and need to update it to 1.1.1 first. Read here first if you previously unlocked your phone.
Bypass activation and prepare phone for software installation

1. Make sure you have a SIM-card with PIN turned off, and power on your phone (the supplied AT&T card works fine).
2. On the activation screen, slide for emergency and dial: *#301# to make the phone call itself. (If the incoming call dialog quickly disappears but it keeps ringing, just dial 0 (remove *#301# first), and it will call itself)
3. Answer the call, and tap on Hold
4. Phone will call it self again, tap Decline. You will now be returned to the normal dialer.
5. Tap on contacts, and tap the + icon to add a new. The only info you are going to add to this contact are two URL’s. To add a URL, tap Add new URL. The first URL is prefs followed by a colon: prefs: and the second is jailbreakme.com. Tap Save.
6. Your contact now has two “web pages” - tap on the first one (prefs:). This will take you to the settings dialog. The reason you want this, is because you need to connect to a Wi-Fi network, so tap on Wi-Fi, and get connected to a network, and make sure the icon on top of the screen is indicating that you are connected. While you are in the settings dialog, you should also set: General ? Auto-Lock ? Never.
7. Now, press the home button, and again, slide for emergency dial 0, Answer the call, Hold and Decline the new call so that you get to the contacts. Tap on your contact (No Name), and this time tap on the other home page, jailbreakme.com
8. Safari will launch and show you a web page. Read through the text, before you Install AppSnapp
9. Phone will return to activation screen, but don’t panic, just wait.
10. Phone should automatically restart after almost a minute. . If it does not restart withing 2-10 minutes, please try again and again. Keeping trying until you succeed. Since many people download the AppSnapp from the same server, invariably it kicks you out. So keep trying over and over. If you still can’t do it, message me and I will get back.
11. When the phone starts again, it should no longer say slide for emergency, but rather Slide to unlock It means it was successfull! Activation is now bypassed, and phone prepared for software installation! (If you are going to use an AT&T SIM, you won’t need to do the next step.)

Unlock Airtel, Vodaphone, Spice, IDEA or any other Indian SIM-lock

1. Open installer, and install the update if prompted.
2. Go to sources and tap Edit and Add
3. Add this URL: http://i.unlock.no
4. Tap Done and then Refresh
5. Go to Install (at bottom) and scroll down to the Unlocking Tools category and install AnySIM
6. When installed you can press the home button, and you will find a new AnySIM icon on your home screen. Launch it and follow the instructions.
7. The unlocking process will take about 5-10 minutes, in the end it should say it was successful!
8. To clean up your phone, launch Installer and uninstall AnySIM. Then go to Settings ? General ? Auto-Lock and set it to a prefered value.

Congratulations, you are done!