Biometric controlled USB Drives

This is Biometric Access Controlled USB Flash Drive which gives fingerprint access control to the content of the USB key for secure storage of your data and applications. Lightweight and compact, the BioDisk is incredibly small and can fit right into your pocket. The casing is black and it has a pen-style clip on the back. The fingerprint sensor is on top.
It doesn't require any cable, power supply, or battery.

Act as a removable hard drive when plugged into a USB port. It is truly plug-and-play on Operating Systems that support USB 1.1 or USB 2.0, like Windows ME, 2000, and XP.
Windows 98 requires a driver to be installed before the BioDisk can be used normally.

By default the drive is locked and only the Run.exe file is shown when browsing the flash disk. Right clicking on the Drive Tray Icon lets me choose to unlock the Flash Drive. A dialog pops up and asks for the fingerprint. When recognizing the print all files show up in the file explorer dialog. Right clicking on the tray icon then lets me to choose lock the disk. All in all very easy to use.


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