Sun & Moon In Jars

Highly efficient solar cells are stored inside the Sun and Moon jars, which are powered by a rechargeable battery and LED lamps. The magic begins when the jar is placed in direct sunlight to create an electrical current which charges the battery over the course of a few hours. The energy stored inside the jar is used at night to power the LED lamps.

The frosting on the jar diffuses the light to give it the appearance of sunlight coming from the jar. There’s no switch on the Sun Jar, nor are there any visible controls. The light sensor located inside the jar activates the LEDs in the jar when it gets dark, so you have light where ever you go!

Because the Sun Jar is built inside a mason jar, it’s air and water tight, which means the jar can be left outside in any weather conditions. The jars make great garden lights, as well as night lights for small children. Because the jar needs direct sunshine to work, it’s best to place them in a window which gets lots of shade. The jars use a AA battery, which is completely replaceable.


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